The puppies are here. They came early and two were stillborn. Two more passed away only 2 days old. Those two were very small. In total she had 11 and we have 7 left doing good. There are 3 boys and 4 girls.

They all came out mostly blue in color with some white spots. She did have 1 white one though with a little blue on it. It’s a boy and we’re going to keep that one.

The momma needed a lot of help the first couple of days as she didn’t have much milk and with it being her first litter she didn’t know what to do. After they were all born she put them in a pile in front of her and just laid there staring at them. It was funny. She’s got more milk now and is taking care of them awesomely.

She’s got it under control
4 days old

Expecting Puppies

We will be having puppies soon. The blue nose pitbull is definitely pregnant with her first and only litter. As much as we love puppies neither of us feel that we want to deal with that again after this set. Unless our minds change.

She should have approximately two or three weeks left before giving birth. Poor girl has gotten so big and lazy and always ready for a belly rub. So far I have felt them moving around but have not visually saw them yet.

We have her birthing area setup in the back part of the house so she can have her own space to deliver and raise the little darlings in peace separated from all the other furbabies.

Chilling out
Her private area
Getting round
Pet me please

Thoughts At Christmas

Christmas Eve is here bringing memories of past years. The ones from my childhood aren’t necessarily from Christmas itself but just of this time of year but actually not many of those. A lot of my growing years is buried somewhere in my head.

My children are the main source of Christmas memories. The joy on their face with each gift that was placed under the tree. The way they’d melt to the smells of Christmas dinner and desserts being fixed. The smiles, excitement, anxiousness for the day and time to come to rip open gifts.

Their playing with, laughing at, and sharing what they received. Bouncing from one thing to another not sure what to do or play with first. Trying to play with everything at once. I wish they’d have lasted longer. Not just Christmas but everyday.

Now they have children of their own and getting to experience the joy of holidays. Those smiles and excitement on little ones faces. To cherish and carry those memories forever.

We live to far away from everyone in our families now so it’s just me and hubby. I lightly decorate these days. For our dinner we’ve settled on homemade deep dish meat pizza, garlic cheese bread sticks, and a chef salad and pepsi to drink.

Our day will be spent playing with the furbabies, watching TV, and enjoying the snow. Nothing really different than an ordinary day for us except that I’m also making cake and some cookies to celebrate the birth of Christ. The reason for the season.

Merry Christmas! Hoping you have a happy, blessed day wherever and however you’re spending it. Be safe and remember the covid precautions.

My Grinch face
Me (middle) and my sisters

My simple tree

Pygmys In Snow

We had another snow and this time the goats finally came out in it. After two days of staying in the barn and the snow not going anywhere I guess they figured they might as well journey out into it.

There was about six inches over two days and it hung around for almost a week. They had made many trails through the snow and stayed in those trails once they were made.

Growing Up Country

I grew up in the country among cornfields in Ohio and in the mountains of West Virginia. My playtime was with my siblings or with the animals that we owned or that lived around us. I made mudpies and watched the wildlife and stayed dirty because I was always outside. Those were the days.

I’d climb the mountains and play in the creeks catching crawdads. In those mountains I drank water from the springs that had such an amazing fresh taste and was always ice cold. I found dog hole mines that I would go in and search and pretend I was a miner. There was always an abandoned cabin that used to be someones home to explore and old graveyards with stone head markers. Everywhere was beautiful with the beautiful sound of nature.

Birds chirped all around with bugs chiming in at just the right time. Sometimes you could hear a bobcat or a coyote in the not to far distance. Before you could pick up a stick you better make sure it didn’t move because your stick just may be a snake. I saw all different kinds of them hiding out in the woods. Some was even hanging out of the trees. Squirrels would run from one tree to another or play among the leaves and logs.

If you were quiet enough the deer would come along and eat and on occasion you could catch them jumping and playing. There was raccoons and skunks and groundhogs and at times a bear or two. There was fox dens and chipmunks and bunnies. It was all so beautiful to watch. It was my place to get away. I made as many wild friends as would let me.

There’s nothing like the country. I’m so happy to be back in it here on this little farm. It’s peaceful and quiet and our own little piece of heaven. I don’t miss the noise and busyness of citylife. Nope I enjoy our spot on top of this mountain and will be here as long as the good Lord let’s me.

Sunset over the pond
Lone beautiful tree on top of the mountain
Turkey behind the house

Hay Arrival

The new round hay bale has been delivered and the pygmy’s are in nibble heaven. This one bale should last until approximately February for the four of them. I did get an extra one though that they cannot get to.

It’s in place and they’ve started eating from it already but I still have to go up and put the border around it so they won’t be able to scatter it everywhere and waste it. Goats aren’t really grazers so once it hits the ground and/or they mess on it they won’t eat it. So in order to use it as feed and not bedding you have to place something around it.

It has to be placed on it’s end because if it’s laying on its side they’ll pull from the middle of the ends and it’ll collapse. I’ll be placing a fence around it with a gap in the front for them to eat from. Across the gap will be small logs that they can get their heads through to eat. There will also be a tin top over it to keep the weather off of it and to shelter them while eating.

The trees in the pictures below on each side of the bale will be used to help support the fencing. There’s just enough of a gap between them at the top to put the tin. They’re eating from the back in these which is where the fence will be. I may eventually block it all in except the front to protect it from the rain and snow.

Waiting anxiously for the bale to be placed
Checking out the new snack

Covering Your Face

Saving a life should be more important than anything to everyone. Covering your face with a mask may be uncomfortable or annoying or whatever your excuse for not wearing one. I for one know how terrible they are to wear but I don’t go out without one. Plus I have a face shield I wear as a second defense along with it.

Some say people that are scared should just stay home. I don’t leave my house except to do monthly shopping and for Dr appointments. I try to be as safe as I can to protect myself as well as others.

I’m one of those high risk people that’s more likely to have a severe case of covid. I have lung problems and at times struggle to breathe without being sick. I have a hard time breathing in a mask but I wear one. I get hot and start sweating but still it stays on. Sometimes I even feel like I’m going to pass out but guess what, I keep it on. I can’t stay home at all times. Who can see my Drs for me but me?

How hard is it to cover your face to cut down the spread and cut down the death rate? It’s not like you’ll live the rest of your life in a mask. Unless you’re around someone who doesn’t wear one and spreads it to you and you happen to be one of the people that pass away from it.

I for one want to see my kids grow much older and to see my grandbabies grow up. I know anyone can die at any given moment but why rush it when a mask can help prevent it as far as covid goes? How would you feel knowing you gave it to your spouse, grandparents, parents, your kids, your grandkids, siblings or anyone for that matter ? Do you think you would wish you would’ve just covered your damn face?

We Americans need to pull together and defeat this killer virus. Suck it up and suffer a little inconvenience, annoyance, irritation. Cover your face to protect yourself as well as others. If you can’t see the good in it you are blind to the world or don’t care about anyone but yourself.

Don’t forget while covering your face to social distance and stay home as much as possible. The sooner everyone does this the sooner things can get back to normal. While you’re at it say a prayer to God to heal our wounded world. Maybe prayers is what it’ll take to get through this. Maybe this is God’s way of getting people back to Him!

I can stay hid away on top of this mountain, on my farm, with my fur babies forever if need be. The only exception is going to see my doctor’s and getting certain items from the store. I can hunt my food. I can use natural herbs and ‘weeds’ for certain medicinal needs. My goats can give me milk. I can get eggs from chickens and I can butcher my own cow and/or pig. Everyone isn’t so lucky as to live out like I do and have no choice but to be out among others often.

Along with everything else stop and look at our health system. Our health care workers and the stress and anxiety on them. They live with their faces covered. They live separated from their families and in fear of transmitting it to someone they love. Put yourself in their shoes. Show some respect and care and empathy to your fellow Americans. We all live in this world together and it takes the effort of everyone of us.

First Snow

We had the first snow of winter last week. It was beautiful. A whopping five inches to start the season off.

The goats didn’t leave the barn for two days. They’re not a big fan of snow. All of them were content inside munching on hay all day and taking naps between snacks. So far that’s the longest they’ve spent time inside not even poking their heads out.

The two elder dogs didn’t hardly want to go out the door. Once outside though they began to run and play even if only for a few minutes. You could see their inner pup trying to come out. On the other hand the three youngest ones couldn’t wait to get out the door and didn’t want to come back in.

As for me, I love snow. I find it absolutely beautiful. My getting old bones can’t take the cold as easy as they used to though. But on a farm there is still chores that need taken care of no matter the weather. There’s always something that you winterize that messes up or that you had just forgot to do while prepping for the upcoming weather.

On top of this mountain there is always a wind blowing of at least 10 to 15mph with gusts up to 50mph. It’s awesome in the summer but frigid in the winter. It might be 25° but with the wind chill it feels like the teens. You brave the outdoors dressed to the max, walking like a penguin. Bending over and not falling on your face is an achievement. You do what you have to do. The prize when you come back in is a hot cup of cocoa or coffee to warm yourself up.

Furbaby Pups

With the cold of winter each year all the dogs come inside the house until spring. The two oldest ones stay upstairs and get the comfort of sleeping on the couch. They’re both close to 9 years old and spend most of their time sleeping or eating. You almost have to drag them outside to potty because their old bones just can’t take the cold. In less than five minutes outside time is done for a few hours. They come in and one gets on the couch and the other gets in his blanket and they go back to sleep.

We have kennels setup downstairs for the three youngest ones. The biggest part of their days are spent playing and barking at everything they hear or see going on outside. Outside time with them is a whole different story. The cold doesn’t bother them as quickly and they love to run and play in the snow. I try to limit their outdoor time to 30 minutes. Normally I’m almost dragging them back inside though. Once back inside they resume their playtime and eventually take a nap.

All of them have food and water available 24/7. It lasts much longer in winter than in summer. For the five of them we average about 150-200 pounds of dog food per month. They range in weight from 60 to 100 pounds. They’re all pretty big.

Shots for all of them are due during the summer months and I administer those myself which I buy from tractor supply and are called 10 way. The exception is rabies that the vet has to give every three years. The 10 way I give is very easy. You just mix the liquid into the powder and give it a shake. Then draw the med into the syringe and pull their skin up at the back of their neck and give the shot. All done and time for a treat.

We spoil them all. They are truly our babies. They have stockings hung at Christmas and get a big treat on their birthdays.


The goat pen is setup and ready for winter. I’ll have to get another round bale of hay for them in about a month and that should take them through to spring. They love spring and all the green leaves that come with it.

They’re breeding right now so spring should also bring a couple of kids. I’m thinking about May or so. We have two females so we should get at least two but I’m hoping at least one of them has twins.

Spring will also bring some needed hoof maintenance as well. They circled their pen so much during summer that they kept them in pretty good shape themselves during that time.

In the pictures below the black and white one and the brown one are males. The two black ones are the females. Mooney, the black and white one, is the leader of the pack. Moe, the brown male, is the youngest of them all.

Breakfast time is when they get sweet pellets and whole kernel corn. The rest of the day they forage for greens, dried leaves, and also have hay to eat. They love to snack on and off all day. Once the snow starts they’ll eat their breakfast mix and hay.

Breakfast time
Hunting for greens